I was named "Marion" after the mom in Happy Days, but most people call me "Mayan" (pronounced like the civilization). My sister couldn't pronounce my name when we were little, so she called me "Mayan" instead. Relatives, neighbors and classmates caught on. There may have been a town meeting about it. Pretty much everyone outside of school and work call me by my nickname. Moving on... I was born and raised in San Diego. I'm convinced that I'm never going to (permanently) leave, but I'd like to think otherwise. I'm certain there's something bigger for me out there. My real passion is art. There's nothing I'd rather be doing than designing things and listening to good music while doing it. I studied graphic design at the Art Institute of California - San Diego. I would like to eventually work for a magazine as an in-house designer. I design buttons, websites and the occasional party flyer for friends. I've been working as the Senior Graphic Designer for Emitations since 2007. Our Paris Hilton Inspired CZ Engagement Ring is so sparkly, you could probably trick someone into thinking it was real (I'm certainly not above it).

Likes: Young the Giant, concerts, baking, CMYK, typography, English bulldogs, French dips, beards, vintage photography, trying new restaurants, drive-in movies, DIY blogs, Muse, Stella Im Hultberg, Audrey Kawasaki, Kurt Halsey, Zumba, anything homemade or home cooked, and the color purple among other things.

Dislikes: strawberry ice cream, pumping gas, spelling errors, mustaches, pickles, mustard, people who don't have direct deposit and badly designed websites/flyers/t-shirts.