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The Wiltern LG in Los Angeles, CA

Pam, Doug and NiciWe waited in line for HOURS. Maureen and Mark kept trying to find out where the meet & greet was going to be...walking back and forth from the box office to HOOBA's tour bus. Markku was standing right outside the bus, smoking a cigarette. So Nici and I go up to him and talk to him for a bit. He was so nice. We got some pictures with him and asked if he knew where the m&g was and he said he had no idea. We finally found out that the m&g was inside the venue and there was a frikken list! But, because of Corinne, we were ALL able to go in and meet the guys (AGAIN!). I had a better time at this m&g then the last one. Mainly because I talked to Doug, Dan, Chris, and Markku even MORE. We talked about myspace and friendster. LOL. Plus we talked about their upcoming DVD. I told Chris that the costa mesa show rocked and they put on such a great show and he said that this LA show would be even better! MAN, he was right!!! When I introduced myself to Doug, I was all, "By the way, my name is Pam," and we shook hands. Then he said, "Very nice to meet you, Pam, my name is Doug." LOL, like I didn't know that. He was going into detail explaining how the taping and stuff was gonna be like for the DVD. He was all, "You guys better rock out cuz we'll be taping you guys." So Doug told us that he didn't know what myspace or friendster was, but I don't know if I believe him. Dan knew what it was, but he said he hasn't signed on since a couple months ago cuz he doesn't really know how it all works. The only thing I got signed was my wrist band from Doug and Dan. I explained to Doug that we had all our cds in the car, cuz we thought we wouldn't be able to meet them and he said, "That's ok, as long as you guys are here now. That's all that matters." ::melting::

- Posted by Pamela on July 28, 2004

The Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa

autographed rolling stones magazineGetting to meet the band backstage was the definitive moment of my three-year fanaticism with Hoobastank. Dan Berman notified my sister and I earlier that day of the meet and greet. We couldn't stop screaming in the car on the way up to Orange County. Trying to figure out where the meet and greet was gonna be held was a little frustrating. The security guards wouldn't tell us anything because they thought we were a bunch of groupies. We kept walking back and forth (and back and forth) around the venue, when finally a NICE security guard took us backstage and told us where to wait. There were already people standing in line there... and most of them weren't even in the fan club. The fan club members were pretty peeved since the meet and greets are pretty much the reason why we paid to be in the fan club, and they're supposed to be exclusive to us. It was very disorganized... There wasn't a list of fan club members, they weren't specific about where the meet and greet would be, they asked to see our backstage passes when we hadn't received our fan club packages yet... It was all worth it though because I got to meet Hoobastank! Dan Berman took us down to the backstage area and Doug, Dan, Markku and Chris started walking towards us. I was so nervous... Everyone immediately flocked to Doug (OF COURSE). I asked Chris to sign my Hoobastank guitar chord book and took pictures with him first. Markku was kinda standing around like "um... hey... I'm in the band, too..." How come no one ever recognizes the bassist? They were all really friendly (except maybe Chris who wasn't particularly UNfriendly... just not as friendly as the rest of the band. Maybe he didn't feel like meetin' and greetin' today ). Doug was definitely the friendliest one. He looks really short on stage, but he's actually pretty tall... Taller than me, anyway. The meet and greet only lasted about twenty minutes or so, and I didn't get to get into any real conversations with the band, but there's always next time!

- Posted by Marion on July 13, 2004