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How To Write A Successful Internet Job Posting?
The key to a successful Internet job posting is first recognizing that it is not really a print classified advertisement.
An Internet work posting is interactive, and needs a good understanding of interactive marketing.
One of the best challenges contractors face
when publishing jobs online, is recognizing they must change
their traditional job posting habits. An online job posting will not do
well if written like a print classified ad. It must be believed more like an interactive marketing campaign for the whole firm.
The Marketing Department rather than the HR Department should write this.

Update the Company Web Site
The company web site is rapidly becoming the first stage of contact for most job seekers or
even prospective clients. Contractors should up-date their corporate web site so that
it supplies a professional and interactive presentation of the firm, its
goals, key employees, corporate culture, top achievements, plus business philosophy.
In fact , every advertising resource available to the contractor needs to be utilized to make the corporate web site the best it can be.
Although most job planks provide hot links to firm web sites,
some do not. Either way, job hunters are likely to independently surf the Internet in order to locate a
contractor's web site, relevant push releases/news, before submitting their continue.

Keywords Rule
In the fast paced globe of Internet surfing, most job
hunters will only take the time to view the top
20 search results. Making it to the top generally is about keywords.

They often make the difference between a successful job
posting and a waste of time. Contractors should put the
right keywords in the right place so the right people can find their
work postings. Online job postings are certainly not viewed the way print classified ads are viewed.
Online job posts are hidden within databases containing thousands of records, and they must be known as up for a job seeker
to view them. This process up may take the form of keyword selection in a search engine or any
type of number of methods with point and click directories.
It's important for contractors to study the job posting and keyword
guidelines of the hosting job plank since they will differ from
site in order to site. Many job boards can rank or
prioritize job postings within their database by title, membership status, date,
keywords or some other less obvious means.
Adding key phrases properly assures that a job posting will find its way to the top of the job board's search
results. Adding keywords improperly may result in having the job posting deleted
by the hosting work board or simply lost in the amounts of database records that job seekers never find.
While identifying the best keywords for a job posting, contractors should determine which words the job seeker will
select in utilizing the job board's search engine - and include all relevant occupational-specific terms (i.

e. Hard Bid Estimator or value engineering). To cover all the
angles, It is a good idea to use multiple terms
or synonyms that may mean the same thing.
For example , if the job location is in a lesser-known town such
as Maitland, Florida but near a famous city like Orlando, Florida, after that
Orlando should be added as a key phrase. Most job boards require key phrases to be added in a special industry, in a particular fashion (using rates, comas,
etc . ). Job posts that do not offer a special industry for keywords usually
require the contractor to add keywords to the Job Description, Job
Requirements or additional searchable fields. When adding keywords
to a Job Description, contractors need to write the keywords into total sentences
so that the content flows as a logical composition.

Make It Believable
Work Postings should be believable and complete if they want to attract the top talent.

The majority of executive job seekers are interested
in job postings that contain detailed job descriptions and job requirements.
Many need salary and information about the company. Other people want to know job
location. Most job boards claim that a well-written job posting can achieve many more qualified applications than a
poorly written job posting. Fortunately many job boards provide FAQ's and job posting recommendations
to help contractors get the most from their job posting.
Some provide statistical evaluation of individual job postings.
These statistics often show the number of job seeker views and
applications submitted to each job posting. Contractors can use statistics to evaluate
their results and modify the job posting appropriately.
The more details provided in a work posting the more credible the job
and the better the fit. Therefore , a lot more job seekers will respond.
Contractors should be specific about the scope and kind
of work, the hours, the job goals, the salary and the location.
They should also make sure all fields are appropriately filled in completely.
A few boards allow for job postings to become previewed prior to going
live helping companies see the completed job posting the way in which
job seekers will see it. Many work boards allow for real time editing during the
advertisements flight.

Manage Style
As opposed to classified print ads, online job postings usually allow for pages associated with copy.
Headhunter. net allows for three thousand characters in the Job Description and three thousand
characters within the Job Requirements fields - or even about two typewritten pages.
Contractors should write clearly and present
text in an organized, logical way. Job postings should read just like a composition and not a print classified ad.

Sentences can be short but they should always be complete sentences containing correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
The copy should include natural paragraphs, with line breaks, so that the work seeker can find relevant information easily and quickly.

Writing in all Caps, using extreme exclamation points, or adding acronyms and abbreviations will reduce the reliability of the job posting and possibly result in job deletion by
the hosting job board. Acronyms and abbreviations should also be spelled out since job seekers usually search by complete words and phrases.

Read Job Posting Guidelines
Many job boards have Terms of Use agreements that members/users must accept to - in order to utilize their assistance.
It's important that contractors read and understand the terms that relate
to work postings and keywords to get the greatest results.
It is typical for work boards with have high quality control standards to delete or modify up to 25% of all job posts as being inappropriate.

Most job boards do not allow for listing of emails, URL's, use of copyrighted
material, defamatory remarks, false, inaccurate or misleading info, illegal or unethical content.
Work postings that encourage job seekers to email for
more details, are usually restricted.

Follow up
Contractors should immediately follow up on all qualified applications that have been submitted.

Peter Weddles at weedles. com says, "Speed is almost everything in hiring top talent. inch Within ten days, the top 10% of job seekers are gone. Once somebody desirable is identified, it's important to take action on that person right away. Today's recruitment market is highly competitive and the employing cycle should not allow for any deceased time between in-house interviewing schedules and final selection. Contractors must not leave job seekers hanging more than 5 to seven days without a scheduled followup meeting. Otherwise, they risk dropping the job seeker entirely. There needs to be top-level management involved with all key hires. Involving top management can make job seekers feel that the hire is an important position, and that they have personally been selected as the "candidate of
choice" by the top brass. Contractors should begin closing the deal the moment they realize that they want someone for hire. They should not let up until an offer is on the table and accepted.

Common Internet Job Posting Fields & Their Purpose

Job Titles
Titles should be industry-specific and familiar to job seekers since they will use keyword search for positions based on standard job titles. The Job Name field is not the field to market the work posting (like with a classified ad). The Job Title field should be utilized primarily to have the job posting discovered by job seekers. Adding appropriate keywords, in the appropriate place, is much more important than catchy job titles that never get seen. Nevertheless , it is acceptable to add relevant, occupational-defining adjectives to the basic Job Name (such as On-site Architectural Project Manager, Conceptual Chief Estimator, Hospital Flooring Project Engineer, and Veteran Concrete Superintendent).

Job Descriptions
Work descriptions typically focus on job duties, duties, scope, achievements and goals to be accomplished. The clearer the description, the more likely qualified job seekers can apply. Job descriptions should concentrate on the job seeker's needs and not just the positioning. Job descriptions should be written in the job seeker's perspective. They should furthermore answer the question, "Why would a career seeker want to apply for
this job? " Contractors should describe the best parts of the job, interesting challenges, upcoming job opportunities, reporting relationships, plus why the position is available. It's important to market the overall career opportunity while not just describing it. If a job hunter takes the job, what will their lifestyles be like? Use word pictures and try to communicate desirable images that the job seeker can visualize, compelling them to change jobs. For example: "work in the progressive environment where you can learn more
within six months than you may have in the last six years", or "walk into your personal office and join a group of enthusiastic professionals who are constructing the next great management firm". If there is not a job-posting field that lists specific benefits and perks, add them into the job description. Work benefits include things such as flex time, work at home, child care, above average medical advantages, company vehicle, education reimbursement, residential area membership, and other special offerings. However , contractors should recognize that the Job Description field should not describe the company, the task requirements, the job location, salary, or anything else unless there is no other appropriate field in which to post this information. Inappropriate content (or placing content within the wrong fields) may result in the job posting being edited or deleted.

Company Profile
Most job boards allow for a hot link to the particular contractor's corporate web site. Many work boards, in addition to offering a popular link, will offer a special Company User profile field. Contractors should completely fill in this field. This will add beneficial content and keywords to the work board's database in order to improve their likelihood of being found by searching job hunters. A Company Profile field creates an extra promotional opportunity for the firm as well as the job position. Use this field to describe what the company does - dealing with key elements like organization size, place, benefits, company goals, mission, administration style, employee quality of life and what the actual firm special. Contractors should also consist of information about the qualities desired in every team members. This field often offers limitless content and is the least edited by the hosting job board. A few job boards even allow for multiple company profiles that can be individually associated with a respective job posting (allowing recruiters to add information on each respective client, and contractors the opportunity to market information about their various divisional offices).

Contact Information
It is essential to put get in touch with information on all forms and in most appropriate fields. Contractors should make it possible for a job seeker to apply. Most job hunters prefer email. Some prefer using mail, fax or phone calls prior to sending their confidential resume. It is appropriate to specify a favored contact method, and request that all apps include the respective Job ID. With several contact methods and the get in touch with name (not just a department) of the real person, a job seeker much more likely to believe the job is valid and apply.

Job Identification (ID)
For job postings, contractors need to use a tracking system to provide an exclusive Job ID for each job publishing and require that job seekers reference this ID on applications whether faxed, emailed, or mailed. This enables contractors to know which site - and specifically which ad - brought in the respective application. Details as to where the best applications originate from will help contractors to know what job boards have been the most productive sources of talent.

Job Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities are simply the job requirements for the position. To get the best response, contractors should checklist why the requirements are there. Examples will be: "A Bachelor of
Arts Degree is required to help lead Corporate Communications" or "We
require seven many years of project management
experience for commercial building projects. This position will control three Project Managers and seven Project Engineers". Make clear the "required" qualifications and the "desired" skills. Avoid clich's or trite phrases such as "self-motivated", "team
player", and "fast-paced" (making the job posting appear common). Contractors can also use the Job Obligations field as an eliminator of undesirable resumes by making qualifying statements ("Applicants must have a
minimum of six consecutive yrs with the same general contractor.
Otherwise, please do not apply. "). In order to eliminate many unwanted job seekers, companies can also add qualifying phrases such as "background
checks are performed within the hiring process" or "personality examining is used in the
hiring process".

Many contractors refuse to post income information in job postings. Income figures make job postings credible, and substantially improve the job finder response rate. It is also one of the most widely searched fields on a job publishing. Job seekers are typically more interested in the salary than any other item in a work description. According to executive recruiter, Get rid of Groom of CC Group, Incorporation., money is one of the top reasons why people leave their job. Job seekers never want to waste time with a job that may not pay what they require. Each time a salary figure is lacking, they are going to assume that the contractor may be embarrassed by the level of salary level : or have something to hide. Phrases for example "Salary is commensurate with experience,
N/A, Open, or Depends on experience" usually do not prove effective. They will actually significantly reduce response rate to a job posting.

Work Status
An important qualifier, that is often overlooked, is the function status field. With the international reach of the Internet, more and more foreigners (without valid work visas) are applying to United States job postings. Contractors can eliminate many foreign applications simply by stating "applicants must be United States citizens", or "only United States
citizens or those with valid work visas need apply", or "you must
have distance to work in the United States to be considered for this position".

Most major job boards require the location field to be completed.
Although many recruiters refuse to identify job locations
(in fear of revealing their clients need for confidentiality), listing the job location is one of the
main fields that job seekers search. Job seekers through all over the country/world may see the job publishing.

Without a valid city noted, job seekers must guess the job location. They generally
will not apply because they think that the particular posting is in an undesirable location, or
even that it's invalid to serve only as a
ploy to collect resumes.

Best Places to Post an Internet Job Posting
There are several good choices for contractors who
would like to post their jobs online. Nevertheless , the key is to find job planks that to provide the "right" viewers - as well as a large volume of "right" viewers.
Contractors want their work posting to be seen by as many related viewers as
possible. However , although many job boards charge similar charges for services,
their volume of audiences can vary dramatically.
Many contractors will certainly choose to post jobs online
along with traditional, well-known, off-line businesses that have
a job board presence online. However , the online job posting business
(like any Internet business) is an unique company that requires an entirely different set of guidelines and
business acumen. The off the internet leaders are rarely the leaders within the online world.
In selecting the right job panel, contractors should compare results based
on verifiable industry standards. One way to make an accurate comparison is through Amazon's Alexa Research, which can be downloaded on Alexa.
com and easily mounted on a web browser. Once installed,
this tool will indicate a web site's customer traffic (based on a common standard,
and measured against the entire seventeen million plus web-sites currently on the Internet).

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